Health and insect experts are calling it a perfect storm of conditions coming together to create a tick population explosion - lack of acorns and the mild winter.

Reason for Cancellation: Financial

Published 11/19/2013

Reason for Cancellation: Financial   "Reason for cancellation: Financial" That's what the note said on my boss's door said AFTER finishing my annual performance review. Timing is everything, right? Most companies track cancellations very closely. Too many of them and you’re going to have a cash flow issue. What do we typically see? Customer sold house: This...


Recruit AG Termite Bait Update

Published 08/05/2013

I found termites feeding in two in-ground stations on the opposite side of the house near the garage,

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I'm selling, what should I do with my termite contract?"

Published 05/31/2013

My favorite reason to keep the service going until you sell? It is a golden opportunity for you to show the buyer that you have taken care of the property. "We had a problem, we addressed it professionally, and we have stayed on top of it."

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Farewell Mrs. Oliveira

Published 05/10/2013

When you arrive at the home of one of your elderly customers, it's generally not a good sign to see a new mailbox, new shrubs, a new paint job, or a cement pad being poured for an outdoor hot tub. Sometimes they have moved in with one of their children, but not this time.

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Recruit AG Termite Bait

Published 04/30/2013

The other two reasons for our increased success: we've become much more selective with our installations, and we have our most skilled and experienced termite technicians installing the stations. Early on, we would install the stations pretty much wherever the termites had been, now we only install them in high percentage situations.

Tags: damage, GriggsBrowne, pests, protect, Sentricon, termites

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