We asked our expert office staff to give us some of the most common questions they get from customers.  Here are some of those questions and their answers. 

If you have questions about insects/pests you can call or email us your questions and we’ll get you an answer!


Why do I still have odorous house ants after being treated for them?

Pests like odorous house ants are attracted to moisture.  Make sure you don’t have any puddles of water around the house.  These ants also travel on tree branches so make sure there aren’t any branches overhanging your roofline.  It is also helpful to check around the bottom of your home to make sure there aren’t any small cracks or openings the ants could be using to enter the home.  Lastly, it is never a good idea to store wood near the home as these insects like to build nests in these woodpiles.


How did I get bed bugs and why are they still here after the first treatment?

Bed bugs love travel and they’re great hitchhikers! They can gain access to your home in luggage, boxes, clothing or even on a human visitor to your home!  These pests are also excellent hiders and will hide behind baseboards, folded areas of beds, picture frames-even behind wallpaper! It is very common to need more than one treatment to eliminate the problem.  These are not bugs that can be easily eliminated.

Once elimination has been achieved, you can help avoid another infestation by:

 Vaccuuming suitcases after returning from being away

 If possible, carry large plastic trashbags to keep luggage in when you’re in your hotel

 Do not bring home second-hand furniture-especially bedding.

 Regularly inspect pet bedding

 Also inspect your own bedsheets-look for tell tale blood spots

Carry a small flashlight with you to inspect the hotel room where you will be staying


But how are mice getting in? I’ve never had a problem before.

If there is construction (of any type) going on in your neighborhood, this could disturb rodent nests.  Certain times of the year will bring mice to your door looking for shelter and warmth also.  To keep mice and other rodents out, make sure your foundation drainage is working properly.  Install gutters to channel water away from the home and seal up any cracks or voids you might find as a mouse can fit into tiny openings.


Do I need to have my home treated for carpet beetles? Can I just have my carpets cleaned to get rid of them?

These pests enjoy dining on carpets, wool, dead insects,furs,hides,leathers, hair, silk and bones.  They can damage these fabrics also.  You cannot get rid of them with a carpet cleaning alone.  A professional treatmentwith targeted materials is necessary to eliminate the infestation. 

After the elimination is achieved, a carpet cleaning would be in order.  To help avoid this type of infestation, store all clothes, area rugs, et cetera in plastic containers with lids after they have been cleaned.

 Where do fleas come from if my animals do not go outside and are treated with a flea eliminating product(IE: Frontline)?

Fleas jump as high as 8 inches vertically and 16 inches horizontally.  They can jump onto our indoor pets when we put them outside or take them for walks.  Fleas are commonly found on skunks, raccoons and opossums in urban settings.  Spraying a yard for fleas is not, in general, effective.

Having your home treated by a professional, having your carpets cleaned and having your pets protected from fleas (IE: Frontline) will have a positive effect in eliminating this annoying pest!

 I have a woodpecker making holes in my house.  Does this mean I have insects under the wood?

No it doesn’t.  Woodpeckers usually are pecking out the wood to excavate areas for nesting or to create  “storage” areas for their food stash.  Woodpeckers are usually found around wooded areas as they will excavate trees, branches, etc. for nesting and storage needs.  Putting up steel mesh, while not an attractive adornment, in the places where the woodpecker seems to peck will deter them from coming back as will “scare tactics” such as hanging metallic pie plates to create noise.  They are a protected species in some states so make sure to check your local ordinances before you try to tackle this pest!

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