Termite & Pest Control

Griggs & Browne has the latest technology and the highly trained people to meet all your pest and termite control needs when it comes to any infestation. Being environmentally responsible while protecting your home and family is our number one concern.

Pests aren't only unsightly, but they can also carry disease. Our licensed and trained professionals offer safe and effective solutions for all types of pest infestations. Learn more about our solutions to control rodents, bedbugs, all types of ants (including carpenter ants), bees, nuisance wildlife and other pests that may threaten your home. Click here for more information about IPM (Integrated Pest Management).

 Termite infestations generate more destruction than storms, fires or earthquakes. Yet they're rarely covered by homeowners' insurance! It could be years before you notice the costly structural damage caused by termites. By then it's too late and you're stuck with the pricey repair bills.

Click here for more information on Griggs & Brownes' proactive termite control program.

 We offer many service plans to fit the needs of your home and family.  Contact us today to schedule your free inspection. 


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