Tile & Carpet Cleaning


 man cleaning floors and upholstery

 Let’s face it, money is tight these days, many of us who want to enhance our home decor just can’t afford new floors or carpets, but Griggs & Browne can provide the next best thing…Great cleaning services for all your tile, floor and carpet needs. 

Our expert technicians help maintain and protect your home’s interior by providing safe and effective cleaning solutions for your floors, carpets and even your upholstery.

Preserve your carpets longer by cleaning and protecting them. A great cleaning makes vacuuming and spot removals easier. Carpets look better and stay fresher longer improving the air quality in your home.

We clean circles around our competition.

When regular mopping isn't enough give us a call. Our high pressure cleaning process can remove even the deepest stubborn dirt buried in the pores of your grout lines.

We also offer free tile and grout cleaning demonstrations in Rhode Island. 

You can also take comfort in the fact that our gentle upholstery cleaning and protection services can breathe new life into your furniture as well.

chair and rug

We will carefully inspect and test your upholstery and carpets to ensure the finest cleaning. Our advanced upholstery cleaning system is effective yet gentle enough to thoroughly clean most fabrics.

We take great care and time to see that you are fully satisfied.  Contact us today to schedule your cleaning!

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Without Griggs & Browne, the whole town would fall down!