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Lyme Disease Like Illness That Can Kill in 15 Minutes

Published 06/07/2017

“It’s a virus, whereas Lyme is a bacteria,” Dr. Kent Holtorf, a Lyme disease expert and medical director of Holtorf Medical Group, told Fox News. “If you catch Lyme early, antibiotics can eradicate it, but with a virus, you have much less options to do anything about it.”

Lyme disease is set to explode

Published 06/27/2017

A new prediction says 2017 and 2018 will see major Lyme disease outbreaks in new areas. This could lead to lifelong health consequences, so where's the vaccine?

Do I Have Lyme Disease

Published 06/29/2017

The symptoms of Lyme disease, which you can get from a tick bite, aren’t always obvious. At the site of the bite, a red splotch will often start to grow into what looks like a bullseye target.