How to know if you have a termite infestation


            In New England, the #1 termite we face is - the eastern subterranean termite. These insects tend to swarm above ground during the spring and summer months. You will know of their presence by the reproductive swarmers that will gather in windows and doors and often leave their wings behind. If you get swarmers inside that is a good indication that there is a nest nearby that is fully grown and looking to expand and potentially already infested your home.

            One of the best ways to know whether you have a termite infestation is by checking around the foundation for thin mud tubes coming up from the ground, behind exterior steps, where there is wood to soil contact, and where two foundations meet like a breeze way or an addition.


Steps to take if you have a termite problem


            Call Griggs & Browne for a free inspection and estimate. Our team of licensed and trained professionals offer same-day or next-day service, depending on when the call comes in, making us the fastest provider of termite extermination services in the area.


            Once our thorough inspection has been completed we will present our findings and discuss a specific treatment for your property.


            If the customer wishes for us to act, we will schedule an install date. Typically, this can be done within 24 hours. We offer premium products that we believe in and back it up with top notch service and knowledge.


What type of treatments do we use?


            At Griggs & Browne we are proud to offer the No.1 termite baiting system Sentricon® System with Always Active™ Technology to eliminate and protect your investment by our certified Sentricon specialists. We also offer liquid treatments for construction sites, pool installs, and commercial jobs.

The Sentricon  Always Active baiting system consist of installing stations into the ground every 8-10 feet around the structure, each station has enough bait to eliminate an entire colony. For any inside issues we have above ground bait stations to eliminate termites that have already found and damaged your structure. The material is contained inside the station and does not harm the soil, water, or anything else other than the target pest. Sentricon has many benefits when compared to liquid treatments. These benefits include:


            No digging, trenching or structural drilling

            No label restrictions around water sources and wells

            Liquid treatments break down over time and can have gaps in protection

            Sentricon is monitored, with emailed reports of each stations’s activity

Sentricon is fully removable



Sentricon® is also environmentally safer and developed with respect for our natural surroundings. It is the first product REGISTERED by the EPA under the Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative and the only termite control product to receive the President's Green chemistry Challenge Award and is supported by U.S. Department of Agriculture.